Day 25-26, 3/5-6

1. Shooting Day

Make sure to grab all of your equipment quickly and review your settings!!! Film 12 students will help you with your sound equipment. Group 1 films today with group 2 as their actors and you will switch tomorrow.

Setting up the Audio



On the T3i and T5i cameras: Press “Menu” and go to the fourth option in. Scroll down to “Sound Recording” and press “Set.” Change the mode to “Manual,” the drop the recording level down to the first notch like in these photos. This will largely disable the equalization of audio and nearly eliminate the room ambiance.

Recording close to your actors in a quiet environment? Grab a shotgun (camera mounted) microphone. Make sure to check your connections and frequently review clips to make sure you haven’t lost the proper connection.

Otherwise, please grab a boom, sound kit, and/or Zoom recorder. Review the procedures and be sure to constantly monitor audio levels. Make sure the microphone turned on and is as close to your actors mouths as possible.

Please try to avoid camera’s 3 and 4: they are the older T2i model and do not allow for manually removing the pre-amps.