Day 14, 2/18

1. Important Shots

Here is a great article on important shots. Don’t feel like reading? Here’s a video version!

2. Shoot the Shot Project

On Thursday and Friday, we will be doing our first narrative film shoot! The “Shoot the Shots” exercise is out of twenty marks. It will be a short, wordless narrative requiring 1-2 actors. Like all of our projects, please make sure to include your production logo at the beginning and a brief rolling credits at the end.

  1. Duration: The duration is between 45-90 seconds
  2. Camera shots: Includes EFFECTIVE use of all six shot types
  3. Camera moves: Includes EFFECTIVE use of two types of camera movement
  4. Continuity: Temporal continuity is created as one shot naturally leads into the next
  5. Versions: Two versions submitted, one with shots clearly labelled and one unlabelled

We will start planning this project tomorrow, but you should start thinking of ideas today!

3. Open Studio

Spend the remainder of the class working on editing your “Light and Sound” exercise. You will need  to manually sync your audio that was captured on the Zoom recorder and titling the shots with the shot type/lighting technique and sound capture method. If you finish early, you can use the remaining studio time to work on the “Viewpoint” project.