1. Finalize & Print Script

Finish up edits to your script. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of other people read through it aloud to find any issues with clarity or awkward language. When you are done, print five copies and put it on your clipboard.

2. Finalize Storyboard

If you haven’t done so yet, please finish your storyboard and shotlist. Figure out what props, costumes, locations, and actors you will need and make sure that you will have them on hand for Monday.

3. Prepare Actors

Pair up with another group who will be working as your actors. Pitch the idea, walk read through the script, and show them the storyboard shot-by-shot so they have a good grasp of what will be happening when you shoot. Switch and look through the other script. Afterwards, practice reading through the lines and say them aloud!

4. Production Prep

Find or create props! Scout your locations! Gather your production documents!

5. Start Shot List

Have time left over? Fill out a shot list, putting it in the logical shooting sequence. Remember that we are shooting over a two day period for this project, so break your shoot up appropriately. This will be your road map when shooting, so take care of it! You can leave it with Mr. Gilbar if you are afraid you might lose it.

6. Open Studio

Experiment with lighting and sound equipment. Find and download (or shoot) whatever special effects shots that you need. Grab a camera and shoot B-roll footage (establishing shots, hallways, setting, etc.) Fine tune the script if anything seems clunky. Review your shotlist and see how to best sequence it. Go and check out the locations you are planning to use.

Day 46, 11/17