1. Shooting Week

Starting today and through most of next week, we will be filming our suspense films. Each group will have 2.5 days of shooting time or five days in total. In other words, we should all aim to be into post-production by Friday the 25th. Make sure to grab all of your equipment quickly go over the shooting checklist. Make sure to review your equipment settings!

Setting up the Camera

Clear the SD Card. Go to Settings > Format to wipe the card clean. Set the sensor sensitivity. ISO to 100/200 if outside, 400/800 if shooting inside. Avoid shooting at ISO 1600. Set the White Balance to AWB to get accurate colours Set the framerate and resolution to 1080, 24FPS is ideal for movie quality while 30FPS is best for Youtube/TV quality

Setting up the Shot

Adjust exposure by changing the shutterspeed and aperture by scrolling the wheel or holding the A/V button while scrolling until the exposure indicator is in the middle of the line Adjust the focus by zooming in on the focus area with the + button in the top right, move it over your subject, then rotate the end of the lens until they appear crisp and clear

Setting up the Audio

Recording close to your actors in a quiet environment? Grab a shotgun (camera mounted) microphone. Make sure to check your connections and frequently review clips to make sure you haven’t lost the proper connection. Otherwise, please grab a boom, sound kit, or portable recorder. Review the procedures and be sure to constantly monitor audio levels. Make sure the microphone turned on and is as close to your actors mouths as possible.
Day 47-52, 11/18-25