1. Suspense Film Screenings

We will be screening the remainder of the suspense films today. Afterwards, you will need to complete this self-assessment form linked in Teams if you haven’t already done so!

Sit back and relax! We will be watching films for the entirety of the day today.

2. Feedback Sandwich

Just like a real sandwich, this can be done well or incredibly poorly.

bad sandwich has…

  1. insignificant top bread that is discounted by a ‘but’
  2. meat that is negatively phrased, personal, and not constructive
  3. bottom bread that struggles to compensate

Example: Dinner was great, but you made it too salty. Thanks though.

good sandwich has…

  1. meaningful top bread that highlights successes
  2. criticism that is positive and constructive
  3. bottom bread that is encouraging and acknowledging the effort

Suggested Successful Comment Format:

I like the use of __________, it makes the ____________.

Suggested Improvement Comment Format:

I found that _____________, it could be _________ if it __________.

Suggested Acknowledgement Comment Format:

[Say anything positive that affirms their effort!]

Example: Dinner was great, I really liked what you did with the rosemary and lemon on the roast. I think it could have been even better if you had added less salt. Let me know when you cook it next, I’d love to see how you did it!

Day 67, 12/16