1. Mark Breakdown

The final project will be due in the final week of the semester and is worth a whopping seventy-five marks! It should satisfy all of the following components:

  • demonstrates a clear understanding of the hero’s journey (14 marks)
  • 4-6 minutes in duration (8 marks)
  • demonstrate clear storytelling by following the five components of plot structure (8 marks)
  • audio is well captured and clean, recorded with the boom mic and/or external recorder (10 marks)
  • cinematography is thoughtful and effective (10 marks)
  • performances are well considered and directed (5 marks)
  • effective use of lighting, writing, performances, editing, and music (12 marks)
  • have one or more believably implemented special effects/green screen effects (3 marks)
  • completion of the final self-assessment form (5 marks)

2. Write Rough First Draft

You’ll have approximately an hour to write first draft. Struggling with ideas? Check out this helpful video on story structure.

Day 61, 12/8