1. Finalize Script & Storyboard

Take the first part of class to complete your storyboard. Even if one person has been the primary artist, everyone should be involved in review. It is much better to debate shots here than when you are on set with limited time.

2. Plan Shoot

Create a detailed shotlist. Take time to ensure you are using the most time-efficient sequence. Everyone should be prepared to begin shooting as early as tomorrow and as late as Monday. In other words, you should have all of your props, costumes, locations, and actors secured as soon as possible.

3. Open Studio

Looking for something to do? Acquire or assemble props and costumes. Find and download (or shoot) whatever special effects shots that you need. Grab a camera and shoot B-roll footage (establishing shots, hallways, setting, etc.) Fine tune the script if anything seems clunky. Go and check out the locations you are planning to use.

Day 63-66, 12/12-15