1. Final Screenings

Over the final few days, we will be watching the following films:

  1. Film 11 Final Project
  2. Film 12 Final Project
  3. Film 11 Suspense Projects
  4. Film 12 Select Short and Alternative Format Projects

Due to the volume of films that will be screened, it is possible that films may be inadvertently missed. Please notify me if that is the case!

2. Festival Submission

Remember to stay in touch for important deadlines around festival entry. This first and most important one is the BC Student Film Festival, which just opened for submissions this week! Most other submissions are due March through May.

3. Final Course Survey

Thank you so much for your participation in Film 11! Please take your time in thoughtfully filling out this exit survey. Your feedback is incredibly valuable and instrumental in the improvement of this class. While the Film 11 students are doing that, the film 12 students will meet in the hallway for an informal feedback session.

4. Archive Work

Make sure to backup copies of any projects or assets that you would like to keep to external media or your OneDrive. These computers will be wiped clean next week!

5. Thank You from Mr. Gilbar

Have a great week off to recharge and I hope to see you around next semester!

Day 81, 1/20