To export your finished project, make sure you have the grey bar at the top of your sequence selecting the entire project and go to File > Export > Media (Ctrl.+M). You’ll need to…

  1. Set the format to H.264
  2. Change the preset High Quality HD 1080p HD
  3. Select the output name and change it to something like [LastInitial][FirstName]_[ProjectName].mp4
  4. Make sure the Entire Sequence is being exported (scrub your footage to make sure)
  5. Set the destination to the Desktop folder or somewhere else you can locate
  6. When you are done, please review the “Output Summary” to ensure that it is accurate and press “Export” in the bottom-right corner.

When it is done, be sure to watch and listen through the entire final MP4 video to make sure that it is complete and of a good quality. Afterwards, you will upload your video to Stream and submit the link through Teams. You can find a guide on how to upload content to Stream here.