Tired of Netflix? Grab your Coquitlam Library card and check out Kanopy, a free streaming service!

There are thousands of great classic and indie films there, but with a limit of seven views per month. There is also¬†Hoopla, another free streaming service. There’s only a few hundred films available, but quite a few good ones, with more added each month. Want to see some the competition, i.e. some low-budget indie/student features? Take your Coquitlam Library card over to IndieFlix. There’s a lot of stuff there that can be painful to watch, but you can find some gems there, too!

Have some free time between classes? Check out Audio Cine Films, a free streaming service!

The library isn’t big but has lots of great new movies including some great Disney films. Unfortunately, it can only be access from the school network and will not work from home.