1. Photography 101

This video offers an overview of everything you need to know (and more!) about photography in under forty minutes. We will watch and discuss it in the first part of class and introduce the project in the second. Afterwards, we’ll watch a video on camera operation.

2. Lighting and Sound, Day 2/2

You’ll have all day today to get four lighting scenarios (of your choosing) and four sound setups that you didn’t capture yesterday. Use whatever sound equipment your group didn’t get a chance to play with yesterday. Finish early? Work on your spy talk or viewpoint project!

3. Open Studio

Today is an open studio day. Please prioritize filming or reshooting any of the experiments that you missed yesterday. Afterwards, you can use studio time as you’d like. Go to Teams to figure out how to prioritize your tasks in sequence of when they were due. In other words….

Production Logo > Spy Talk Exercise > Viewpoint Exercise > Light & Sound Exercise. If you finish all of them, please let me know and I will help get you ready for the next project!

Day 14-16, 9/26-28