1. Hero’s Journey Worksheet and First Draft

Practice making a story that uses this framework. For this first attempt, don’t limit youself to something you could actually make! Feel free to include aliens, orcs, superheroes, etc. Let you imagination run wild!

2. Hero’s Journey Ideation and Proposal

Once you’ve done this, start brainstorming your own ideas while limiting yourself to stories that could actually feasibly be made given our limitations (time, actors, setting, etc.). Once you’ve come up with a few potential concepts and have found one that you are excited about, it is time to open the “Hero’s Journey Production Proposal” in Teams and draft an overview using the same framework. Be sure to clearly dentify at least nine of the twelve steps of the hero’s journey with your plot overview and press “Turn in” when you are done for a completion mark.

Afterwards, you should begin to write your first draft of your script. Please work independently for now, but soon we will be able to partner up with collaborator(s).

Day 54, 11/28