1. Open Studio

We will continue to have open studio over the next three days to complete the Conflict through Dialogue project, so plan for about three or four hours of editing. If you need to finish or reshoot scenes, please do so as soon as possible and with the knowledge that it will take away from your post-production time.

If you finish this project early, you may use your time to catch up on any other overdue work. We will do a final review for the export and submission process at the start of the block on Thursday and will be completing our first formal self assessments that day. We will hopefully be screening the “Shoot the Shots” films next week!

2. Sound Editing 101

Problem: The sound is only playing in one of my headphones!

Solution: We hear sounds in stereo (i.e. our left ear and right ear). If not configured correctly, the Saramonic records in mono (i.e. a single channel, left if captured in port 1, right if captured in port 2). We simply need to copy the sound from the Saramonic from one ear to another. If you go to Audio Effects > Special, you can “Fill Left with Right” or “Fill Right with Left” to make the audio track play in both ears, not just one.

Problem: The is a loud buzzing or annoying fan sound throughout.

Solution: You need to clean up the sound using Adobe Audition! Right click on the clip(s) and select “Edit in Adobe Audition.” Select a portion with just the undesired sound, and go to Effects > Noise Reductiong > Capture Noise Print (Shift + P). Then select the entire thing (Ctrl + A) and go to Effects > Noise Reduction > Noise Reduction (Process). Loop and playback the clip, then toggle and adjust the sliders. You want to get rid of the background noise without making the dialogue sound distant/robotic. Save and close when you are done and the edited version will automatically be imported into Premiere.

Day 34-37, 10/31-11/3