1. Course and Mr. Gilbar Intro

Mr. Gilbar will introduce himself and give you a little more information on the course.

2. Respect

What does respect look like in the classroom?

3. Production Logo Design 101

We will look at what goes into making a great logo that incorporates your initials. Take your initials and map out the various ways they could be combined on a piece of scrap paper. Produce at least eight different designs. With the help of a neighbour, try to identify the strongest two designs and do three refinements/variants of each. Find your favourite amongst them with the help of a neighbour and begin rendering it in Photoshop. Look online for videos on the process of rendering a concept in Photoshop.

4. Placeholder Production Logo

Go to the Applications folder, find Adobe Production Suite, and launch “Adobe Photoshop.” Those with experience, please help your classmates with Photoshop! Create your placeholder production company logo with the following criteria in mind:

  1. Image must be 1920×1080 at 72 dpi
  2. at least two additional items must be added
  3. company name must incorporate your first or last name and must be legible, taking up at least 25% of the screen
  4. all layers must be labeled
  5. keep it tasteful! If in doubt, just ask!

Marking is both quantitative (are all the criteria met?) and qualitative (how does it look?), so pay attention to all the details. Create a new folder called “[lastinitial][firstname]_Logo.” This first project is required in both JPEG and PSD formats, and should include all other files that you used to create it. When you are done, please help your neighbours!

Day 1, 9/6