1. Final Cut of “Shoot the Shots”

Finish your rough cut of the “Shoot The Shots” project and begin correcting colours and adding audio (ambience, SFX, and music), your production logo, credits, and titles. This is the last dedicated studio time we will have to work on this, although you’ll have up to a 30-90 minutes to work on it over the next few days depending on how quickly you get through our green screen exercise. “Shoot The Shots” will not be due until early next week. We will be filming and editing the special effects shots on Thursday and Monday and introducing our storytelling unit next week, but you won’t have much studio time remaining to work on this project.

2. Colour Correction 101

Problem: My video is too warm (yellow-orange) or cool (blue).

Solution: The white balance was incorrectly set on the camera when shooting. Go to the “Color” workspace (on the very top panel) then go to the “Color Correction” section in the top-right corner. Adjust the topmost slider left to “warm” the clip or right to “cool” the clip down. There are other sliders to play with below that will manipulate the exposure, contrast, and saturation. You can get an excellent result this way, but it still isn’t as good as having the White Balance properly configured when filming. There is also a new colour space option that we will be exploring.

Day 26-27, 10/16-17