1. Finalize Script

Edit, edit, and edit some more! Your final script should be roughly two or three pages long. Time it out to see if it is too long or too short to see if you need to bulk it up or edit it down. Complete the final draft today and print four or five copies. Finish early? Start working on your storyboard!

2. Project Criteria

Please remember, the suspense project will be valued at fifty marks and should satisfy all of the following components (please note that marks are approximate):

  • demonstrate a clear understanding of storytelling by following the five components of plot structure (10 marks)
  • a polished script and complete storyboard (5 marks)
  • suspense is well built through the use of a effective lighting editing (5 marks)
  • audio is well captured and clean, recorded with the boom and/or Zoom recorder (5 marks)
  • music and sound matches the tone and helps build suspense (5 marks)
  • final runtime is 90-180 seconds in duration (3 marks)
  • cinematography is consistently thoughtful and effective (7 marks)
  • performances are well considered and/or directed (7 marks)
  • has one or more believably implemented special effects/green screen effects (3 marks)

3. Storyboard

Work together to visualize your story in advance. Work quickly with simple stick figures to show the sequence clearly. Please remember that you could always stray from the guide and shoot additional shots later on, but that these are just the shots that are absolutely necessary to tell the story.

Day 44, 11/15