1. Partner Pitch

Pitch your concept to your partner. A classic pitch is usually a summary of the story idea in twenty five words or less that conveys the exposition (who, where, and when), the inciting incident (what has happened) and hopefully hooks your audience. You want the excite them on your idea, getting them to exclaim “Now THAT is a movie I need to see!” After you’ve verbally pitched the idea, take a few minutes to read over each script, discuss the merits of each, considering qualitative traits (“your idea is so funny!”) and technical traits (“my idea is on the moon with two robots, which might be too difficult for this project”) to decide on which of the two scripts you want to produce.

2. Revise Script

Edit, edit, and edit some more! Work together to rework the dialogue to sound natural and consider the script from every angle. Time it out to see if it is too long or too short to see if you need to bulk it up or edit it down. Complete the final draft and print four copies of. Save it as a printable PDF with the name “[lastinitial][firstname]_Dialogue.PDF.” Whichever script you need printed, save it as “[lastinitial][firstname]_Print.PDF” and submit it through Teams and Mr. Gilbar will print five copies for you.

Day 35, 10/28