1. Conflict Through Dialogue

We will be producing a 60-120 second film that shows a conflict between two people that is resolved through dialogue AND NOT action. We will be working in pairs to produce this film that follows the plot chart we’ve studied this week, including…

  1. exposition: establishes the location and characters before the story begins
  2. inciting incident: the conflict that deviates from normal events.
  3. rising action: as the stakes increase, the conflict intensifies.
  4. climax: a solution is found! the viewer is given some catharsis.
  5. falling action: where intensity declines, leading finally to the…
  6. resolution: that ties up the story nicely and helps clarify the themes, morals, or lessons learned

The three primary areas of focus for this project are:

  • storytelling (follows plot structure, captures audience interest)
  • writing (believable dialogue, clear)
  • audio (capturing good, clean audio)

The three secondary areas of focus for this project are:

  • acting (timing, delivery, authenticity)
  • cinematography (camera placement, movement, building tension)
  • music (source audio that matches the tone/mood)

Here are five great samples from past students:

  1. Plausible Deniability
  2. Stuck
  3. Practice
  4. Buds
  5. Pen Pals

2. Dialogue Composition

Today, we will come up with a short story based on our personal experiences that follows the plot structure. Fill out the provided form and identify the essential elements of your story. Complete a second draft if necessary. When you are done, you can begin working on your screenplay. I recommend using WriterDuet, a free, web-based and collaborative screenwriting program. Alternately, you can use Google Docs (with the Screenplay Formatter add-on) or Microsoft Word or another cloud-based composition program. You will not be marked on proper formatting, but if you are interested in learning, there are lots of helpful videos and even books on the subject (we have copies if you are interested!). We will have thirty minutes today and thirty minutes tomorrow to work on this first draft of the script. The general plan for next week is…

Today: Write first draft independently.

Tomorrow: Pitch to partner, debate merits, and choose a script you want to produce. Develop that script.

Friday: Complete and print the final draft. Draw your storyboard. Complete a shotlist. Test out and practice using audio equipment. Meet with and prepare actors.

Monday: Group 1 shoots, group 2 acts.

Tuesday: Group 2 shoots, group 1 acts.

Thursday onwards: Reshoots as needed. Begin edit of rough cut.

3. Conflict Through Dialogue

We will be producing a short film that shows a conflict between two people that is resolved entirely through dialogue. It will be marked out of thirty based on the criteria on Teams. Start drafting your script. It should be about one page long.

Day 32, 10/25