1. Setup Teams

Go to Teams and download your groups “Spy Talk” footage.

2. Adobe Premiere Overview

Premiere is a an extremely popular video editing program made by Adobe, the same company that makes Photoshop. It allows you to take video, audio, and stills from various sources and cut, merge, and arrange them to tell a story. We are very fortunate to have Adobe Premiere at Gleneagle as it is a professional-level program used throughout the film industry and by hobbyists alike. For this reason, like Photoshop, there are a ton of functions and tools that we will not need to use. Try not to be overwhelmed by all of the options, and remember that if you accidentally click anything, you can always undo!

It uses a timeline system like GarageBand, but they order in which they are arranged will effect which clips appears ‘on top,’ similar to layers in Photoshop.

2. Video Editing Demo

Over the next four class periods, we will each learn how to with with Premiere by creating our own edit of the “Spy Talk” exercise with the each of the following…

  1. the proper sequence of clips (no gaps or black frames in between)
  2. delete portions of the movie that make it inconsistent (ex: before actors are reading lines, etc.)
  3. opening Production LOGO screen (simple still image made in Photoshop)
  4. movie title fades in and out over BLACK background
  5. at least one video transition (wipe, iris, etc.)
  6. at least one freeze frame (likely required during explosion) AND and a clip that is slowed down or sped up (split a clip and slow down or speed up that portion)
  7. at least one added sound effect (additional dialogue recording/ADR, explosion, footsteps, laugh track, jet fly by, etc.)
  8. an underlying music track (plays throughout the movie that is faded/ducked in and out)
  9. at least one video effect (ie. luma/ultra keyed explosion)
  10. closing black credits (director, actors, and music are on attached list)

Please follow along with the demo that Mr. Gilbar is providing at the front of the class. It is very important that you follow these first several steps precisely. Don’t worry, the film 12 students will be available to help you if you get lost. Follow along with the demo and ask a neighbour for help if you get stuck. Mr. Gilbar will float around periodically to check in and provide guidance as needed.

Day 4, 9/11