1. Editing Demo

We’ll have the first twenty minutes to start working on the rough cut; i.e. putting all of the clips in sequence and avoiding errors in continuity. Afterwards, we will begin going over the process for turning it into a polished film. We will hopefully finish this first exercise this week and can get started on our first real project next week!

  • the proper sequence of clips (no gaps or black frames in between)
  • delete portions of the movie that make it inconsistent (ex: before actors are reading lines, etc.)
  • opening Production LOGO screen (simple still image made in Photoshop)
  • movie title fades in and out over BLACK background
  • at least one video transition (wipe, iris, etc.)
  • at least one freeze frame (likely required during explosion) AND and a clip that is slowed down or sped up (split a clip and slow down or speed up that portion)
  • at least one added sound effect (additional dialogue recording/ADR, explosion, footsteps, laugh track, jet fly by, etc.)
  • an underlying music track (plays throughout the movie that is faded/ducked in and out)
  • at least one video effect (ie. luma/ultra keyed explosion)
  • closing black credits (director, actors, and music are on attached list)

Day 5-8, 9/12-15