1. Viewpoints 101

You know how to point a camera, but have you ever considered the emotional effect that perspective has on the viewer? We will run through a quick slideshow on various key viewpoints in film.

2. Viewpoint Slideshow Project

The first project we have will be a simple photo project where you will take a series of photographs from a variety of viewpoints with each viewpoint effectively employed. You will edit and compile the images together in a minute-long slideshow created in Adobe Premiere. We will be shooting today, editing tomorrow, and the project will be due next Wednesday. Marks are based on…

  • Begins with your production logo
  • Exactly sixty seconds long (5 seconds for logo, 55 seconds for the images)
  • Eleven images in total, each on screen for five seconds each
  • 1-2 second transition of your choice between images
  • Each shot is clearly labelled with the viewpoint on the bottom
  • Each shot is given an appropriate title in quotations
  • Exported as a 1080p MP4 file with filename “[LastInitial][FirstName]_Viewpoints.mp4”

3. Viewpoint Photoshoot

  1. Framed Shot
  2. Negative Space
  3. Long Shot
  4. Close Up
  5. Asymmetrical View
  6. Symmetrical / Pattern View
  7. Eye level Portrait
  8. Profile Portrait
  9. Forced Perspective (Optical Illusion)
  10. Bird’s Eye View (High Angle/High Viewpoint)
  11. Worm’s Eye View (Low Angle/Low Viewpoint)

Working in pairs and with the film 12s available to provide backup, you and a partner will work together to capture one image from each of the eleven assigned perspectives. Try to get all of your shots, but don’t overthink it! You shouldn’t spend more than three or four minutes setting up any one shot. Please use your own devices or with one of our DSLR cameras. Shoot on full-auto mode and in bright lighting conditions unless you know how to use Av or Tv priority shooting mode. You will need to be back by 11:40 in order to offload your images onto each partners computer.

Day 10, 9/19