1. What the Green Screen?!

Pretty much all special effects in film are created through compositing multiple images or videos together to create an optical illusion. We will look at some famous examples of how this has been done in mainstream film over the years. If you are interested in learning more about how it works, you can watch a series of videos that show the history of greenscreening and some useful tips. Afterwards, we will look at some past examples.

2. Keying (Luma and Colour) Demo

We will shoot review demo footage of the class and and look at the various ways to key out portions of video. For a more detailed guide, check out this step-by-step walkthrough on how to get the best possible result!

3. Green Screen Exercise

I have produced a quick and simple demo deconstructing how this process is typically done. Try to come up with a clever idea for an 8+ second idea to show-off both your planning/execution skills in shooting, as well as your compositing abilities in Premiere! You can capture your footage as a pair/group, but each member of the group is responsible for editing together their own “version” of the project. The more creative and complex, the better your mark. This is a quick, two day exercise, so you must plan and shoot on the first day so you can quickly get to editing.

4. Discuss and Pitch!

Tell a neighbour what you are planning to do to see if they have feedback. Could it be too hard? Inappropriate for school? If you feel good about it, confirm your idea with Mr. Gilbar or our peer tutor. Come up with a plan as far as how you’ll need to stage the shot on Monday/Tuesday. Remember, do not wear any green!

Day 28-29, 10/18-19